About Us

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

We take this opportunity to welcome you to our Quthbiya Manzil Website. We are hosting this website to provide proper islamic information to the ummah. By this website, we are to provide detailed information/books/speeches about 'Ahle Sunnath Wal Jamaah'.

The name "Quthbiya Manzil" came from Sadakathullah Appa's YaaQuthba Baith (Quthbiya). This name is used so as to get help (Isthighaza) from Quthub Nayaham. In remembrance of Quthub Nayaham's grandson Al-Quthubur Rabbani As-Seyed Abdush-Shakoor Al-Jelani(Radiallahu Anhu), His Holiness Ash-Shaikh Hazrath Jaleel Muhiyaddeen Qadiri(Radiallahu Anhu) [Dharba Appa's Qadhim] is the founder of Quthbiya Manzil.

A Brief History:

Kayalpatnam Manzil - India.
Started on : 1411 Safar 5 (1990, August)
Opened by : Moosal Qalzim Jalaliyul Bukhari Nayagam (Radiallahu Anhu)

Colombo Manzil - Sri Lanka.
Started on : 1413 Safar 5 (1992, August)
Opened by : Seyed Muhammad Ibnu Seyed Yaseen Mowlana (Radiallahu Anhu)

A brief discussion about our various activities are mentioned below:

Daily Majlis

This is started with Raleena Billahi, Fathiha, Sura YaaSeen, Sura Dhukhaan, Sura Mulk, Sura Waakia, Awraads & Salawaaths & end with Dua. Remembrance the Uroos of Saints & Others.

Weekly Majlis

Friday - Salaam Baith: To say salaams to prophets & saints and also Friday salawaath & other recitals.

Tuesday - In India Bayaan Majlis by gents Ulemas

Monthly Majlis

Every 14th moon - ladies salawaathun-Naariya Majlis in India.

Every 17th moon - ladies bayaan majlis by lady ulemas in India.

Every 24th moon - gents salawaathun-Naariya Majlis in India.

Minimum 3 times a month and on important days - Quthbiya Majlis

Yearly Majlis

Meelad-un-Nabi celebrations: Subuhana mowlid & madhu baiths are recited during Rabi-ul-awwal 1 to 12 . On Rabi-ul-awwal 12th, grand celebration with honour to important persons who served Sunnath Wal Jamaath whom we know.

Ghousul-A'lam Uroos: Muhiyaddeen Mowlid & Madhu are recited during 1st to 11th Rabi-ul-Akir 11th grand celebration with special quthbiya majlis. (same as other thareeqa heads uroos celebrated)

Dharba Appa - Uroos: Celebrated specially on 12th Jamadul-Akir. All other saints uroos celebrated.

New Year Program: Islamic Hijiri (Lunar Calendar): special function about hijirath. Solar calendar: On December 31st night. On 25th December, birth day of Isa Nabi(Alaihissalam) is celebrated according to Holy Quran. A speech on explanation about the actual his history of Isa Nabi(Alaihissalam) with clarifications about the wrong faith of Christians.

Month of Ramalan: Withriya shareef recital & briefing daily from 10.30am till 12.00pm in India. Tharaweeh prayers & Withir Prayers with Salawaath recitals are conducted daily. (India & Sri Lanka) Special function on lailathul qadr night.


Muhiyaddeen Manavar Mandram: Named on behalf of Muhiyaddeen Abdul Qadhir Jeelani (Radiallahu thaala anhu).. This movement conveys the activities & motives of quthbiya manzil to public by media, books & magazines issues, (web site) Organizing speeches, cultural programs (Thahira - Dhabs - rabaan), kandoori, mowlid functions & other public religious functions.

Muhiyaddeen TV:24 hours TV Channel named in Kayal Patnam - India. This shows live broadcasting of sunnath wal jamaath general functions and islamic songs, naath, salawaath, kawaali & childrens program.All programs are recorded & maintained in our own library for future generation.

Fathima Mahlir Mandram:Name on behalf of fathima nayahi(Radiallahu anha) This movement organize all ladies majlis including Salawaathun-Naariya, kalima, thalai fathiha mowlid.

Annai Aysha Ariwaham:Named on behalf of Aysha nayahi(Radiallahu anha) This movement conveys the importance of proper islamic teachings among ladies. This is handled by lady ulemas.Gives the training & opportunity to make bayaan [Oratory] for young lady ulemas.

Muhusinil Walidain:To show the importance of parents. Quthbiya manzil members' parents uroos dates are collected by this movement and celebrated yearly on their particular remembrance day. By this way, we make them thankful persons to their parents.

Ahlul Baith Vooliyar Mandram: Honouring the Ahlul Baith (Prophet (Sallallahi alaihiwassalam)'s family by blood) & Shaikhs (family by Ruh).To make people aware of the importance of Ahlul Baith.