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 Moon Finder [Moonc60] We can get to know the current status of the moon for different locations [You need to know the latitude and longitude of your place]. 

Caution: Sometimes, you might get wrong results.

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Longitude and Latitude Information for different places [Not Available in the software]:

Note: You can add new cities or place to this software. At that instance, you can ignore the height of the location from sea level.

Place Details

Latitude: 12" 58' N

Longitude: 77" 38' E

Time Zone: +5:30

Brunei Darussalam (Bandar Seri Begawan)

Latitude: 4" 56' N

Longitude: 114" 58' E

Time Zone: +8:00


Latitude: 5" 56' N

Longitude: 79" 58' E

Time Zone: +6:00


Latitude: 25" 18' N

Longitude: 55" 20' E

Time Zone: +4:30


Latitude: 8" 34' N

Longitude: 78" 07' E

Time Zone: +5:30


Latitude: 9" 14' N

Longitude: 78" 50' E

Time Zone: +5:30

Hong Kong

Latitude: 21" 45' N

Longitude: 115" 07' E

Time Zone: +8:00


Latitude: 13" 04' N

Longitude: 80" 17' E

Time Zone: +5:30



If you know the latitude and longtitude of a place, you can check whether it is correct using this page  http://www.mapquest.com/maps/latlong.adp
Get the latitude and longitude of various places in the world. http://www.mapsofworld.com/lat_long/
Get the latitude and longitude of various places in India. http://www.mapsofindia.com/lat_long/